HSIC Demonstrates 2.6 K Cryogenic Oxide-VCSEL for 12.5 Gb/s Error-Free NRZ Data Transmission

HSIC Group has demonstrated a 12.5 Gb/s non-return-to-zero error-free data transmission at 2.6 K to the error detector at 295 K. It is a viable solution for an energy-efficient optical data link from 4-K cryo-computing to the end-user at room temperature. The laser emission wavelengths and the related junction temperatures at cryogenic temperatures are also studied.

The article is featured cover page in APL: apl.2021.119.issue-4_cover1.
The full article can be found at 2.6 K VCSEL data link for cryogenic computing: Applied Physics Letters: Vol 119, No 4 (scitation.org)