Optical Society of America Awards R.W. Wood Prize to Prof. Milton Feng

Congratulations to Professor Feng and all past and current members of the HSIC group for this award!  Overall, the HSIC group has been awarded 16 patents and has published over 50 papers on the light-emitting transistor and transistor laser. Professor Feng would like to thank all former and current HSIC group members for their efforts.

50th Anniversary of the LED

The October 2013 issue of Proc. IEEE features the 50th anniversary of the LED. Take a look at this issue, featuring articles by great Illinois alumni like Nick Holonyak, George Craford, Russ Dupuis, Fred Kish, John Dallesassee, Dennis Deppe, John Rossi, Joy Laskar, Han Wui Then, and Milton Feng.  Of course other non-Illinois alumni are featured as well (Kroemer, Alferov, Iga, Kumagai, Nakamura), and this issue is chock-full of the illustrious history of light-emitting semiconductors. Highly recommended!50_anniversary

Congratulations to Donald Cheng: Best Student Paper at CSMANTECH

Congratulations to Dr. Donald Cheng for winning Best Student Paper at CSMANTECH 2011 for his paper titled, “Type-II DHBTs Microwave Characterization and Metallization Issues”.  This paper described the problem of emitter-to-base shorts during the fabrication of Type-II submicron DHBTs.  He presented designs of experiment to identify the problem, as well as the solution to the problem.  Ultimately, the BE shorts were minimized, and devices were fabricated with room temperature current gain cutoff frequency (fT) up to 680 GHz.

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Milton Feng Endowed Scholarship Unveiled at 60th Birthday

At Professor Feng’s 60th birthday party on July 16th, 2010, Richard Chan unveiled the Milton Feng Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship was formed through contributions by friends, colleagues, and former students. It was a fitting end to an evening of symposium-style talks, dinner, drinks, and general merrymaking.

Please contact Eric Iverson to inquire about pictures […]

HSIC Group Revises Kirchoff’s Law

After discovering a flaw in the 160-year-old circuit theory, Han Wui Then’s Transistor Laser research has revised Kirchoff’s current law to account for optical generation/recombination. His research enables a simple and intuitive way to view the relationship between electrons and photons in direct semiconductors.

“Transistor-laser breaks Kirchhoff’s Law, rewrites textbooks”: EE Times

“Transistor laser rewrites […]

New Course on LEDs and Solar Cells

In addition to ECE 447 (Active Microwave Circuit Design), Professor Feng will be joint-teaching a course with Professor K.Y. Cheng. This new course will focus on the physical operation and Green Energy applications of LEDs and Solar Cells.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about these two important devices, from two men that […]